Installing the Avenue API Client (Python)

Install the CLI tool

Please note, if you already have the CLI tool installed, you do not need to do it again. This step needs to be executed only once when setting up for the first time.

Create a ‘project’ folder for the purpose of this project. In the project folder, download the zip file and unpack it’s contents – so that the folder structure looks something like ~…/project/spd-cli-0.2.0/…

Open a new terminal window. Navigate to the folder ‘project’, and within it navigate to the folder where you unpacked the zip file so that you are in ~…/project/spd-cli-0.2.0/. Now, run the following command, this will set up the infrastructure to able us to query the data.

python install

The CLI is now installed.


Some additional, nice-to-haves

Now that the infrastructure is built, let’s create 2 sub folders in our project directory to keep things clean. While this step is not necessary, it will make it easier to follow the some of the lines of code when we will be exploring the data.

So let’s get out of folder ‘bin’ into the main project folder.

cd ../../

We will make an output folder in ~../project/output/ to catch all output from our calls to the API.

mkdir output

We will also create a notebooks folder that will contain all jupyter notebooks where we will be playing around and manipulating the data collected in the output folder. For this section please see our data collection and transformation guide.

mkdir notebooks